Our Story

The Brokers Band has long been known as one of San Diego’s finest dance music bands.  It’s four guys who bring a great deal of diverse experience to their fun, high-energy, and very tight shows.  You'll recognize every song as a new or old favorite. Formed in 1998, The Brokers pride themselves in providing a variety of music for your dancing and good times. All four players are very strong musicians and vocalists in their own right, but when they get together their chemistry and love of playing as a group is undeniable.  During an appearance on Channel 9 news, they were called "One of the best bands in San Diego".  The band also was honored with a nomination from the San Diego Music Awards for a Best Album. Check the calendar and go see them live soon.  You'll be dancing the night away!!!.  

Steve "BB" Payne: Steve has been a member of the Southern California music scene for many years.  He describes his guitar style as an attempt to blend the soulfulness of BB King and the aggressiveness of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  His vocals betray countless nights on the road paying dues.  Steve learned his chops in Los Angeles where he started playing at an early age with names like Jonathan Gale, Stevedore Skye, Leyland, The Renegade Band, and the legendary tenor sax man Taco Davis.  Steve "BB" Payne is considered an expert blues and jazz historian.  When you see him, feel free to ask him about anything from Muddy Waters and Little Walter to Miles Davis and The Duke.  "BB" Payne founded the Brokers Band with one goal in mind:  Let the Good Times Roll!!

Steve 'BB' Payne: Let the Good Times Roll!!

"The Professor" Irwin Haas: Irwin started playing sax as a teenager, and later received a diploma in jazz performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston.  While in Boston he honed his skills playing for crowds on the streets and subways.  In the early 80's Irwin led several different bands playing blues, jazz, funk, and top 40.  In '84 he returned to his hometown of San Diego where he has performed with many groups including The Siers Brothers, The Automatics, Holding Power,  The Big Idea, and Fullxposure.  Additionally, Irwin has added his horn to many recording projects and loves to play live, as those who have seen him can attest.

Irwin Hass: the Ultimate Showman!!